Properly selected frames and sunglasses add character and unique style. Following the principle that glasses are not only an indispensable tool to correct vision, but first of all a great addition to our styling, we create interesting products with rich designs and colours. Our collection includes timeless shapes with minimalist details that will suit any occasion, as well as more daring models, catching the eye with perfectly selected colour and original solutions. The offer includes glasses for both ladies and men, who appreciate the quality of the product, safety (the frames are made of very durable materials such as acetate, monel or stainless steel), as well as elegance and chic.


Lookbook 2023


We know that nothing adds more variety to styling than perfectly chosen frames. So we present our new frames collection for the autumn season. As always, we have taken care of every detail, so the new frames are the perfect combination of minimalist details with trendy colours and distinctive shapes.

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Clip-on collection

Take a look at our new collection of frames with CLIP-ON caps. We have prepared this offer especially for those who appreciate practical and comfortable solutions. Thanks to the clip-ons, we can use one pair of glasses regardless of the weather. On sunny days, simply attach the sunglasses to the frames and enjoy the beautiful weather without any problems. All clip-ons a polarising coating and a high-grade UV400 filter.

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Miyo lens frames


Innovative eyeglass lenses that are designed to correct and slow down myopia in children are becoming increasingly popular on the optical market. The effectiveness of this non-invasive method is confirmed by numerous clinical studies. In response to market demand, we have introduced frames into our range which, thanks to their additional parameters, are suitable for the insertion of MIYO lenses. These models have a suitable disc shape and a pantoscopic angle close to zero.

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Collection Baltica

Gentle as a coastal breeze - behold the latest line from the Baltica brand. The Baltica optical frames collection emerges from a vision of crafting enduring designs that seamlessly complement every scenario and cater to diverse styles. Meticulously honed in every facet, each frame showcases intricate craftsmanship, while the utilization of lightweight metals ensures a seamless and comfortable fit.
Discover the innovative Baltica frames collection that captures the essence of minimalism and eternal elegance. Experience the allure of timelessness!

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